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Our services


Website building

Graphic Design to the Highest Standard:

  • Logo and branding design
  • Webpages
  • Websites and blogs
  • Landing pages 
  • Online shop and e-commerce solutions
  • Real estate portals


Bespoke Consultancy for large companies 

Our Digital Marketing Agency High Sales Team is 100% focused on you, offering the best performance in digital marketing for your business.

We offer bespoke consultancy, from A to Z:

  • Business feasibility analysis
  • Brand Development
  • Institutional brand philosophy


Digital Traction

Digital Marketing services for Performance in Sales.


Digital Marketing Agency 

Team is formed by trained and certificated analysts:
  • SEO optimization Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads strategies created by certificated professionals (remarketing, sponsored links, display network, true view for action, discovery campaigns and more)
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads 

Google Partner



We prepare all the sectors of your company so that it’s institucional marketing is widespread and strengthened.

We also train and empower your sales team, ensuring its quality and performance in selling all kinds of goods and services.


Cloud solutions for digital marketing

High Technology for communication and disponibility on the internet. Servers that are ready and integrated to:

  • Website hosting
  • Professional E-mail
  • SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)

Our servers are secure and available in Google GCP


Own Software

Our High Sales Softwares were developed in high technologies labs:

  • ERP (Enterprise resource planning)
  • CMS High Speed
  • CRM High Sales integrated with High Mail Marketing (inbound and e-mail marketing)
  • SEO plugin optimization, Google Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager

years of experience


+ clients


franchising branches




Brand Experience


Join the experience in customer services from our Digital Marketing Agency

More than 30 thousand clients in almost 20 years of history. We provide the best service experience in sales, technical support and high tech marketing solutions.


Spread entrepreneurship helping people and businesses to achieve success in sales with digital marketing

High Sales is a digital marketing agency and creative design company founded in 2002.

In almost 20 years of experience, we became specialists in creating web page solutions, exclusive ecommerce and online stores, online marketing, SEO optimization, google ads and sponsored links.

We bring digital marketing solutions with our own softwares, ERP, CMS and Inbound Marketing.

Our dozens of digital marketing agencies are based in several locations arround Brazil as franchising stores. We lead the digital marketing sector delivering to our clients quality, efficiency and high technology.

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F.A.Q. - Common questions

It depends! If you create a website but don't optimize it or don’t create online advertising campaigns, the increase in sales will be negligible.

This is the same as building a physical store and asking the contractor to ensure that when it’s ready, customers will automatically come into the store that was built, and then you would just wait for them to consume.

Even the contractor who didn’t study marketing may answer: "Dude, you need to invest in marketing and advertising!"

When you hire a website creation service for your company, you are hiring the construction of your "commercial room” on the internet.

If you want more people and potential customers to visit your "internet business room", that is, your website, you need to invest in digital marketing and internet advertising (better known as sponsored ads), on platforms like google, facebook, instagram, linkedin, portals etc.

Only then, more people and potential customers will access your website and therefore increase your sales.

If you are going to sell products or services with a fixed standard and fixed price, offering the online payment option is a very simple and agile method for the sales, as the customer will be able to choose what they want and make the payment on time. In cases like that, the ecommerce, or online store solution, is ideal.

On the other hand, if you offer products or services that depend on an analysis in order to establish a budget, and therefore varying the price of the offer according to the demand, developing an institutional website with a sales landing page is the best option.

In this case, the client should wait for someone to contact them to set an ideal budget.

If your scenario is different from the two mentioned above, get in touch with a High Sales negotiator and get ready to find out the best web solution for your business.

You can make your company's website appear in an organic/"free" way on the internet! You just need to meet some criteria established by Google, or by using a sponsored/"paid" technique.

In order to appear on Google in an organic way, you must apply SEO optimization techniques to your website, making it an optimized website and synchronized with the criteria established by Google to appear on the first pages and/or highlighted. 

The way to appear sponsored is made through one of the Google services called Google Ads. With it you can create ads on Google that are made to be clicked and forwarded to your company website

"Have you ever searched on Google and noticed that it is written ‘Ad’ next to some link results? That means that the link is sponsored, in other words, a company is paying to appear on the first pages". 

Even though it is a paid service, to get good results with Google Ads, you should have an optimized website. Google in some cases refuses to perform a campaign in a poorly made website without optimization, even if the company is paying.

Want some help with this issue? Talk to a High Sales digital marketing agency. We offer complete SEO and Google Ads optimization consultancy for companies.

Yes, you can! The difference is that once you are advised by a digital marketing agency specialized in this subject, you will save years of study and practice and, consequently, save money that would be invested in the wrong way in Facebook and Google Ads campaigns till you get to know how to use these tools expertly.

People and companies that invest in digital marketing to attract clients, should pay close attention to sponsored links and Facebook Ads, that is, if they want to reach success in sales in these matters. Therefore, trying to do everything by yourself, will make you lose focus in your core business.

Think about it and make the best decision for your current business!

The goal of digital marketing is to make companies sell more, by capturing customers on the internet.

A digital marketing agency is a technology company with professionals specialized in attracting, delighting and generating new customers using web softwares and the internet in order to have an assertive marketing – a marketing currently known as digital marketing.

High Sales is a digital marketing agency with dozens of franchises throughout Brazil.


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